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India’s largest platform to penetrate into the 70% (TIER-II & TIER-III) untapped India's market.

World class facilities to build product startups with an access to Makers Lab & ESDM Cluster.

"Our vision is to enable Entrepreneurship for all members of the society"

We envision an environment where anyone can realize their entrepreneurial aspiration, with free and full access to our startup ecosystem, regardless of one’s socio-cultural, geographic, education or financial background or venture domain one that will meet the realities of real India.

We see a wide spectrum of startups emerging in India to meet the heterogeneous structure of the Indian economy and society.
Venture-funded technology startups, whilst important, is just one such form and even there, the model still needs to evolve for India. We see the vibrancy of such entrepreneurship at scale drive the future of livelihoods, economic growth, global identity and social infrastructure development for India.

The purpose of Sandbox Startups is to catalyze such an environment. The world has 7 billion people. About the top 2 billion are now served well by what we now know as the startup ecosystem in metros in India and abroad. The economic activity for the bottom 5 billion is picking up and that growing economy is underserved by startups. There are startups coming up in big metros to serve this population in India. However, they suffer being far removed from the customer base. The audacious goal for the incubation centre in Hubballi is to create the Best Ecosystem for startups to serve the bottom 5 billion people in the world and the associated businesses.

India has over 1.3 billion people. About 200 million of them live in cities and over 1.1 billion live in villages and semi-urban areas. Hubballi is a small city surrounded by villages. The incubator in Hubballi offers access to a rural and semi-urban customer base, motivated cost-effective talent and compassionate mentors who can nurture startups. The startups can draw on the expertise and support of 500 professionals of the Deshpande Foundation’s Hubballi sandbox who are actively engaged in programs for skill development, agriculture, livelihoods and healthcare for these rural and semi-urban customers. With the assistance of these seasoned professionals the startups can refine business models designed to serve this important customer segment.

If startups in Hubballi can serve villages and semi-urban areas in India, they can then expand their businesses to global markets to serve the 5 billion people at the base of the economic pyramid across the world.


Dr. Gururaj Desh Deshpande, Advisory Board Sandbox Startups

Dr. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande
Advisor, Sandbox Startups

Dr. Aravind Chinchure, sandbox startups

Dr. Aravind Chinchure
Director, Sandbox Startups

Ramanathan Narayan, sandbox startups

Ramanathan Narayan
Director, Sandbox Startups

Rajeev Prakash, sandbox startups

Rajeev Prakash
Director, Sandbox Startups

C. M. Patil, Chief Executive Officer, sandbox startups

C. M. Patil
Chief Executive Officer,
Sandbox Startups


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence
win championships”

Golden Frankly, VP, Strategy, Sandbox Startups

Golden Frankly
Senior Manager - Incubation

Amrut Patil, Manager, Sandbox Startups

Amrut Patil

Sharanu Mugali, IT – Manager, Sandbox Startups

Sharanu Mugali
IT – Manager

Manjunath Gogi, Incubation - Lead, Sandbox Startups

Manjunath Gogi
Incubation - Lead

Siddu Parannavar, Admin & Operations, Sandbox Startups

Siddu Parannavar
Admin & Operations

Raju Mudhireddy, Lead – Social Media & Graphic Designer, Sandbox Startups

Raju Mudhireddy
Lead – Social Media &
Graphic Designer

muzammil Torgal, Manager - Human Resources, Sandbox Startups

Muzammil Torgal
Manager - Human Resources

Nikhil Bellad, Accounts Officer, sandbox Startups

Nikhil Bellad
Accounts Officer

Veeranagouda S, ESDM Cluster - Business Development, Sandbox startups

Veeranagouda S
ESDM Cluster - Business Development

Neelappa H, ESDM Cluster - Engineer, Sandbox Startups

Neelappa H
ESDM Cluster - Engineer

Veena, Incubation Associate, Sandbox Startups

Incubation Associate

Shweta, Incubation Associate, Sandbox Startups

Incubation Associate

Umme Habiba A, Web Developer, Sandbox Startups

Umme Habiba A
Web Developer

Shashidhar B, Technical Associate, Sandbox Startups

Shashidhar B
Technical Associate

We are located at

  Sandbox Startups,
Next to Airport, Opp to Gokul Village, Gokul Road, Hubballi, Karnataka.


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