How can I start my own key business?

What do I need to start a key making business?

For a key-cutting business, you’ll need to get a business license from your local government. You’ll also need to register your business with the IRS and get an employer identification number.

How do you become a key maker?

How to Apply for Locksmith License in California?

  1. Submit the application for license along with the application and license fee.
  2. Submit two recent passport-quality photographs.
  3. Submit a Locksmith Company Live Scan form signed by the Live Scan Operator, including the ATI number.

Is key cutting a good business?

If you’re considering starting a key cutting business, you’ll be providing people with a valuable service. … Key cutting as a stand-alone business is a low volume, low revenue generating business. However, you can increase both your business’ volume and revenue by providing a unique key-cutting business.

Can you make money as a locksmith?

An average locksmith salary, it’s probably anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 a year. Then, you have people that provide emergency services, technicians that work at night will make a substantial amount more — probably double if the company has enough work to provide.

What tools do a locksmith need?

Here are some of the things you will need to be a successful locksmith.

  • Lock picks and tension tools are essential to the locksmith’s tool kit. …
  • Broken key extractors. …
  • Don’t forget your plug spinner. …
  • A pick gun, also referred to as locksmith guns, is a popular tool chosen by locksmiths. …
  • Key machines.
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How much do locksmith tools cost?

It is typical to spend $10,000-12,000 on tools to fully outfit a van for a mobile locksmith business. That includes advanced key cutting equipment, shelving and base-line initial inventory.

How much does it cost to train to be a locksmith?

Typical costs: Online locksmith programs are a common training option and cost $400-$1,000, typically including a mailed tool kit and study materials. The course through Assured Locksmith Training[2] includes a training manual with step-by-step photos, instructional DVD, tool kit and key duplicator for $910.

Is it difficult to become a locksmith?

Becoming a locksmith is tough but doable. Just like any high-skilled profession, it requires knowledge and a lot of training. If you think locksmithing is for you, contact your local TAFE office.

Is there a demand for locksmiths?

Are locksmiths in demand? The job market for locksmiths is predicted to remain stagnant. … While there is a continuing need for servicing key-operated mechanical locks, that demand is steadily declining and young people do not seem especially attracted to the traditional locksmith role.

How much do self employed locksmiths make?

wages range from minimum wage to union wages of approximately $30.00+ per hour. The more experience the locksmith has the higher their salary potential. Being self-employed owning and running your own locksmith company monthly gross sales range from a low of $3000 per month to $10,000+ per month.

Do Locksmiths sell locks?

One of the most common areas of locksmiths is UPVC door and window locks on a domestic house. UPVC locks and windows are a specialist area of locksmithing, most MLA locksmiths will be able to supply, fit, service and repair door and window locks.

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