What do you need to start a handyman business in North Carolina?

What type of work can a handyman do legally?

Handymen can do repairs all day long. They can do maintenance, minor jobs like installing trim, power washing and staining a deck, trash hauling, touching up paint, or minor dry rot repairs, furniture and cabinet assembly. They can repair a fence… build a gate, install a screen door.

How much work can you do without a contractor license in NC?

If your handyman services do not include plumbing, electrical, heating or fire sprinkler work, and you do not accept any one job that exceeds $30,000 in value, you do not have to obtain a license from the state of North Carolina.

Does a handyman need a license in NC?

A handyman doesn’t need a state license in North Carolina, where licenses are only required if the projects being worked on are worth more than $30,000. If you are a subcontractor working under the supervision of a general contractor, you also don’t need a license.

What can a handyman do without a license in NC?

The North Carolina licensing board restricts the types of services that handyman professionals are authorized to provide. Handyman professionals are not authorized to perform electrical work, HVAC installation/repair/maintenance, demolitions, structural work, or plumbing services without the appropriate licenses.

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How do you become a licensed handyman?

Handyman license requirements usually include professional handyman training, taking and passing a professional handyman or handyman contractors USA exam, and handyman insurance coverage and/or bonding. Additional certification may be required, such as an occupational or handyman business license.

What plumbing can a handyman do?

According to NSW Fair Trading, you need a licence to carry out any plumbing, draining or gas fitting work too. An experienced handyman may feel changing a washer is something they could easily do, but if something goes wrong, the warranty on any product used is void and it would be difficult to claim insurance.

Can I be my own general contractor in North Carolina?

Current Law: North Carolina law currently requires any building construction or alteration project costing $30,000 or more to be superintended (supervised and managed) by a general contractor licensed in this state. … This duty can only be delegated to a general contractor licensed in this state.

Is the NC general contractor test hard?

It is a common misconception that since the builder exam is open book, it is not difficult to pass. In actuality the North Carolina construction license exam is more difficult to pass than similar closed book exams due to the fact that you have books available as a resource during the contractor exam.

Can you do plumbing in NC without a license?

In North Carolina anyone that performs work on electrical, plumbing, and HVAC projects will require a license. Tob obtain a plumbing license in North Carolina, all applicants must submit a completed application to get pre-approval from the State Licensing Board to take the exam.

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