Horticulture Specialist

Job Position: Horticulture Specialist
Organization: Suryodaya
Education: Horticulture related degree
Language: Fluent in Kannada, Proficient in English
Sales: Comfortable forming relationships and describing product to farmers or supply chain players
Job Location: Hubballi

About the Project:

Suryodaya is creating the A3S (Advanced Adaptable Agricultural System), a new high-performance and affordable solar-electric nursery and drying system for farmers in India. A3S was developed by a team based at Stanford University, USA with on-the-ground partners, the Deshpande Foundation and Pequrel Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

Recently, Suryodaya completed a 500-kg-scale prototype near Bellary and a 2000-kg prototype near Navalgund, Karnataka. With these two prototypes, Suryodaya plans to conduct further product testing and design refinement, to pilot a drying-as-a-service and nursery business model and deploy more A3S pilots in the coming year. Suryodaya is seeking a motivated, self-starting ​horticulture specialist​ to join the team to help execute activities on the ground in India in order to achieve Suryodaya’s short-term and long-term goals. This position will begin as a 1-month unpaid internship and will transition into a paid position if the working relationship is productive for both parties.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Nursery:

2. Dryer:

3. Engineering:

4. Business Model:

Relevant Attitude and Experience:

Job Specifics:

Length of initial appointment:

We are located at

  Sandbox Startups,
Next to Airport, Opp to Gokul Village, Gokul Road, Hubballi, Karnataka.




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