Can you run a catering business from home in Illinois?

What is the Cottage Food Operation law? The Cottage Food Operation law (P.A. 097-0393) became effective in Illinois on January 1, 2012. This new law allows certain foods made in home kitchens to be sold at Illinois farmers’ markets with limited regulation.

Can I start a catering business from home in Illinois?

Since many vendors wanted to showcase their goods, the state legislators created the Cottage Food Laws. … Now, bakers can create their baked goods and sell them from their home. Fast-forward to the Illinois Cottage Food Law 2021, now any person (not just farmers) can produce food in their own kitchens and sell it.

Can you sell food out of your home in Illinois?

“Without an ordinance, Illinois residents cannot sell baked goods directly to consumers from their home,” Riff said. According to Riff, Illinois has a “Cottage Food Law,” which limited the sale of home-baked goods to farmers’ markets. … The amendment was known as the Home Kitchen Operation Law, or the “cupcake bill.”

Do you need a license to cater food in Illinois?

In the State of Illinois, a caterer has the same business classification as a restaurant. Illinois requires restaurants and caterers who sell any type of cooked meat or entree to consumers to possess a Type 1 meat processing license governed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

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What do I need to sell food from home in Illinois?

Illinois cottage food must include a prominent label that includes the name of the cottage food operation, the unit of local government in which the cottage food operation is located, the identifying registration number provided by the local health department, the common name of the food product, all ingredients listed …

Can you cater food from your home?

Low-risk home-prepared foods can be sold from home (including online or mail-order sales) and special events, as well as from farmers’ markets, where they were sold previously. Special events are temporary events, such as craft fairs and festivals, and have their own set of rules in the regulation.

Can you make food from home and sell it?

A new law in California allows home cooks to prepare and sell meals out of their personal digs as of January 1. … The new law builds on the 2012 California Homemade Food Act, which allows people to sell prepared low-risk foods created at home like jams or frozen food.

How much does a food license cost in Illinois?

$600/1-Yr. Restaurant, Grocery Store, Bakery Deli, Café, etc. License issued and processed by the Department of Buildings. License issued and processed by the Department of Buildings.

What licenses are needed to start a catering business in Illinois?

Caterers will need a specialty retailer license from the state, and will also need to secure a liquor license from their town or county in order to obtain a state license.

Can you sell homemade food on Facebook?

But can you sell homemade food on Facebook? The short answer is yes. There are, however, many steps you’ll want to follow and pitfalls to avoid. While it is generally legal to sell food on Facebook, the seller must abide by what is known as cottage food laws.

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