Quick Answer: How do I chat with business on Facebook?

To access this feature in your Business Manager, click on the “help” button on the top right of your page. The column will expand and you will click on “Contact Us.” Next, a new window will open. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “Chat.”

Can you message another business on Facebook?

Though you can send messages to users who have already engaged in correspondence with your page, you cannot send messages from one page to another. If your page has already been blocked by a user, you will not be able to send them a message either.

How do businesses use messenger?

How can Messenger help your business?

  1. Acquire customers. Messenger helps you simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action where they already spend their time.
  2. Enable transactions. …
  3. Drive awareness. …
  4. Show customers you care.

How do you use Reply em?

With reply’em you can reply to a lot of people who have the same question in a single click, just select them, write the reply and click send. It is that easy!

How do I send a private message on Facebook business page?

How do I send a private message to a Facebook Page?

  1. Tap Pages.
  2. Go to the Page you want to message.
  3. Below the Page’s cover photo, tap Message.
  4. Enter your message and tap Send.
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How do I reply to an email thread?

Use Reply when you only want to send your message to a single person in an email thread — either the original sender of the email or the last person to reply in the thread. Reply All when you want to respond to every contact on the thread.

How do you reply to a message?

Avoid sending short or one-word replies.

If you’re responding to a message from another person, give them a true response that is at least a sentence or 2 long. Sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable to respond with “OK” if it makes sense in the context. But avoid the “K” reply, which can feel terse and rude.

Can I send messages to users from my business page?

Yes, but only to Facebook users that have messaged your Page first. These messages appear in your Inbox. You will not be able to send a message to a user that hasn’t messaged your Page first, even if they have liked your Page.

How do I get a Facebook Business Suite?

Once logged into Facebook, the Business Suite can be accessed on the desktop at business.facebook.com. On mobile, users of the existing Pages Manager App will see an option to join Business Suite instead. The app will also become available as a standalone download for both iOS and Android.

Can Facebook pages message other pages?

When messaging is on, a moderator, editor or admin can send a private message from the Page to anyone who’s sent the Page a message. Private messages can also be used to respond to comments on a Page’s post. Keep in mind that Pages can’t send messages to other Pages or to people who have blocked the Page.

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