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Observing the entrepreneurship field in India, it is no surprise to find the vast majority of founders to be male. Such an instance has given startup founder Madhavi Kharade all the more motivation to begin her company for HR Training and Development. As a mother and wife, Madhavi felt that her purpose and dignity was lost, but it was not until the pursuing of her Master’s in Psychiatric Social Work when she really felt her calling to build something for herself.

While conducting a survey of older age women concerning depression, Madhavi found that many of these individuals seemed to have lost their purpose after their marriages. This struck a parallel chord for her because she envisioned a similar fate of losing her identity, feeling that there was a risk to having the same depression when she becomes older. At that point, Madhavi became inspired to start her own initiative instead of succumbing to the same eventuality as these older women.

Her idea was this: create an HR consultancy focusing on training and development. Having completed an HR Management Fellowship with the Deshpande Foundation, Madhavi was determined to use her skills in an entrepreneurial setting that can assist others. But another underlying motive for this enterprise was for her to empower fellow women to launch their own successful careers. Too often was the case that female students would complete their degrees, only to sit idle at home. It was Madhavi’s intention to reverse this trend by giving girls and women equal opportunities to get employed.

With the encouragement of her husband, Madhavi established Train-De in 2015 and decided to be incubated by Sandbox Startups. Having no prior business experience, the tier-ii incubation center assisted her with modifying her business plan, reflecting the demands of the markets while better presenting and securing her enterprise. More importantly, the incubation support from Sandbox Startups allowed her to gain her first client and within three weeks, Madhavi was already generating revenue. Evidently, the infrastructure of an office space, the networking opportunities, the logistical support, and the mentorship provided by Sandbox Startups were crucial to the success of her firm.

Of course, there were struggles to be had and the Train-De founder soon realized that HR consulting was still a male-oriented field. In fact, most of Madhavi’s clients were male and had questioned her expertise, given her former status as a complete homemaker. These biased rejections only made her even more determined, converting her personality into that of a bold and extroverted woman. Rather than taking these criticisms negatively, she sought the support of her friends while toning down any negative thoughts that crossed her mind.

With perseverance, her enterprise pulled through. In the past, Madhavi was managing her startup herself. But today, she is a proud founder who manages 8 full-time employees, offering consultations in a wide variety of business components such as recruitment, payroll, and management. The training and development portion of her business also boasts the placement of over 80 candidates since its inception, training over 400 students in crucial business skills and thus impacting the candidates’ families for their livelihoods. Indeed, there is much room for growth for Madhavi’s enterprise which includes expansions into marketing, national training and development, and even an international recruitment initiative. But there is no denying the impact she has already made in the HR field as a woman entrepreneur in northern Karnataka.

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