How do I start an LLC in Wyoming?

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Secretary of State charges a $100 fee to file the Articles of Organization by mail and $102 to file online. You can reserve your business name by filing an LLC name reservation for $50. Wyoming LLCs are also required to file an annual report license tax, which is a minimum of $50.

What is needed for LLC in Wyoming?

To form an LLC in Wyoming you will need to file the Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State, which costs $100-$102. You can apply online or by mail. The Articles of Organization is the legal document that officially creates your Wyoming Limited Liability Company.

How long does it take to get LLC in Wyoming?

Wyoming LLC Approval Times

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Mail filings: In total, mail filing approvals for Wyoming LLCs take 4-5 weeks. This accounts for the 10-15 business day processing time, plus the time your documents are in the mail. Online filings: Online filings for Wyoming LLCs are approved immediately.

Why is Wyoming good for LLC?

The main benefits of forming a LLC in Wyoming are:

No state income tax on limited liability companies. Asset protection and limited liability. LLC assets are safe from personal liabilities. Charging order protection extended to single member LLC’s.

Do I need a business address for LLC in Wyoming?

Every business needs an address. When you start a business in Wyoming, you’ll be required by the state to list an address on your LLC or corporate formation documents. This is the address that will appear if someone searches for your business online in the state database.

What is the cheapest way to start an LLC?

Forming an LLC: Do-It-Yourself Way

The least expensive way to form your LLC is filing the forms yourself, although it will depend on the filing fees in your state. Incorporation statements for LLCs are typically the Articles of Organization. The name for these documents will vary from state to state.

Does Wyoming tax LLCs?

State Business Tax

Wyoming is one of only a very few states that does not have a personal income tax or a corporation income tax. … The only tax for LLCs, mentioned above, is the annual license tax of $50 or a small percentage of the value of your LLC’s assets located in Wyoming.

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Can I use a PO Box for my LLC in Wyoming?

The registered agent must have a physical address in Wyoming. If the registered office includes a suite number, it must be included in the registered office address. A Drop Box is not acceptable. A PO Box is acceptable if listed in addition to a physical address.)

Does Wyoming allow single member LLC?

Wyoming is the only state which specifically protects single-member limited liability companies by statute. … Today, WY is the only state to explicitly state single and multi-member LLCs must be treated the same. The result is Wyoming LLCs provide unique asset protection benefits.

Do you have to have a business license in Wyoming?

For most businesses in the state of Wyoming, a business license isn’t necessary, so there are no extra fees to pay or forms to file. You must only pay for an annual report and maintain a registered agent in Wyoming. … Most of the time, other states’ required business licenses are just an excuse to collect a fee from you.

How do I start a business in Wyoming?

How to Start a Business in Wyoming

  1. Form a Wyoming Business Entity. …
  2. Choose a Name. …
  3. Write Bylaws/Operating Agreement. …
  4. File Articles with Secretary of State. …
  5. Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN) …
  6. Open Bank Account. …
  7. Acquire Business License. …
  8. Apply for Unemployment & Workers Compensation.

Is Wyoming LLC anonymous?

That is why every Wyoming Corporation we form is anonymous. Your details will never appear in the public record. The Secretary of State does does not mandate identifying the directors or officers of a Wyoming Corporation however, when the initial annual report comes due someone’s information must be made public.

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What is the best state to start an LLC in?

Delaware takes one of the top spots as the best state to form LLC. More than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and roughly 63% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Should I file my LLC in Wyoming?

Even though it is always recommended for an LLC to have an operating agreement, Wyoming does not require LLC’s to have them, as other states do. This means a new business can get off the ground fast by registering an LLC in Wyoming and take the time to work on an operating agreement.

Do you have to live in Wyoming to have an LLC there?

You do not have to reside in Wyoming to form an LLC there. 5. Wyoming offers protection for acting members and managers or corporations and LLCs.